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In Performance: William Forsythe Sider at BAM (NYC)In Performance: William Forsythe Sider at BAM (NYC)

In Performance: William Forsythe Sider at BAM (NYC)

Sider A work by William Forsythe and The Forsythe Company Music by Thom Willems Oct 9—Oct 12, 2013 BAM Howard Gilman Opera House For choreographer William Forsythe, the stage is a large-scale laboratory for boundless theatrical and linguistic investigation. In Sider, the knotty speech rhythms of late-16th-century Elizabethan tragedy form the unlikely point of departure. Dancers, equipped with earphones that play a recording unheard by the audience, deliver fragmented, enigmatic movements based on the cadences and meanings of the sumptuous Elizabethan text. Wielding giant sheets of cardboard, the dancers conjure an array of kinetic imagery and sounds—deepening this beguiling translation and evoking a world in which one language is withheld while another rises to the surface. (Source BAM Web...

Books: Move. Choreographing You: Art and Dance Since the 1960sBooks: Move. Choreographing You: Art and Dance Since the 1960s

Books: Move. Choreographing You: Art and Dance Since the 1960s

Move. Choreographing You explores the interaction between visual art and dance since the 1960s. This beautifully illustrated book, published in connection with a major exhibition, focuses on visual artists and choreographers who create sculptures and installations that direct the movements of audiences–making them dancers and active participants. Move shows that choreography is not merely about the notation of movement on paper or in film but about the ways the body inhabits sculpture and installations. The book documents some of the diverse but interconnected ways that visual art and choreography have come together over the past fifty years. Among the artists whose work helped to forge the art-dance connection are Allan Kaprow, Robert Morris, Lygia Clark, Bruce Nauman, Trisha Brown,...

The Forsythe Company - Sider © Dominik MentzosThe Forsythe Company - Sider © Dominik Mentzos

In Performance: The Forsythe Company – Sider (Vienna, Austria)

Sider The Forsythe Company Tanzquartier Wien (TQW) 12.07.2012 – 12.08.2012 Vienna, Austria Between avant-garde and virtuosity, between the zest for dance and movement research, William Forsythe’s choreographic works in the last two decades have not just renewed the codes and possibilities of classical ballet. Rather his artistic work, in its very characteristic combination of movement, language, architecture, music and technology, has left traces going far beyond in the field of contemporary art. With Sider, the exceptional choreographer and his outstanding company, who captivate through their movement technique and improvisation, are showing one of their latest performances at the Tanzquartier Wien. The rhythmical inflections of Elizabethan theater, like those of classical dance, ha...