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Featured: Digicult Online/Offline Italian Platform (Milan, Italy)

Featured: Digicult Online/Offline Italian Platform (Milan, Italy)

DIGICULT is an online/offline Italian platform, created to spread digital art and culture worldwide. It focuses on the impact of new technologies and modern sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society. DIGICULT is based on participation of more than 40 professionals, representing a wide Italian Network of critics, curators and journalists in the field. DIGICULT is the editor of the magazine DIGIMAG, which focuses on some cultural and artistic issues like internet art, hacktivism, electronica, video art, audiovideo, art & science, design, new media, software art, performing art.


Marco Mancuso (Digicult project Director and Teacher at New Academy of Fine Arts / Naba of Milan)
Claudia D’Alonzo (International Doctorship in Audiovisual Studies, University of Udine)
Bertram Niessen (Researcher at Sociology Department of Statale University of Milan – Bicocca)
Lucrezia Cippitelli (Phd at Sapienza University of Rome and Teacher at Academy of Fine arts of L’Aquila)


Luca Restifo (Technical Consultancy) ; Claudia D’Alonzo (Press Office) ; Martina Bartalini (Web Editing)
Giulia Baldi (Twitter & Facebook Editing) ; Giuseppe Cordaro (Podcast Editing) ; Riccardo Vescovo (Graphic Design) ; Luigi Ghezzi (Web 2.0 Marketing) ; Laurea Magistrale in Traduzione Specialistica, Università IULM di Milano (Website Translations) ; Francesca Lattanzi – Emanuela Cassol – Sara Cavagna – Henriette Vittadini – Mimi Peña (Magazine Translations)


Tatiana Bazzichelli ; Bertram Niessen ; Teresa De Feo ; Luigi Ghezzi ; Giulia Baldi ; Domenico Quaranta ; Massimo Schiavoni ; Monica Ponzini ; Annamaria Monteverdi; Valentina Tanni ; Lucrezia Cippitelli ;
Silvia Bianchi ; Claudia D’Alonzo; Barbara Sansone ; Giulia Simi ; Silvia Scaravaggi ; Maresa Lippolis ;
Alessio Galbiati ; Antonio Caronia ; Clemente Pestelli ; Donata Marletta ; Valeria Merlini ; Stefano Raimondi ; Loretta Borrelli ; Carla Langella ; Marco Riciputi ; Elena Gianni ; Matteo Milani ; Francesco Bertocco ; Silvia Casini ; Jeremy Levine ; Alex Foti ; Serena Cangiano ; Micha Cardenas , Mark Hencock , Pasquale Napolitano ; Simona Fiore ; Zoe Romano ; Enrico Pitozzi ; Eugenia Fratzeskou ; Mattia Casalegno ; Robin Peckam ; Sabina Cuccibar ; Silvia Bertolotti ; Simone Broglia

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