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Featured: Body Pixel Blog (Croatia)

Featured: Body Pixel Blog (Croatia)

About Body Pixel:

Body Pixel is a place where I’m (Deborah Hustic) writing about things in art that totally turn me on. Most of the things are body related stuff.

What you can expect here?! Reviews on contemporary dance performances, interviews with artists that really inspire me, my thoughts about some movie or photographer, opinion about the exhibition that left a mark in my post-cyberpunk-trying-to-find-the-new-way soul or some personal remarks on the latest graphic novel, book or magazine I’ve enjoyed… Oh, yes, from time to time I will write something about some cool new web service I’ve found…

Body Pixel is my online living room… a kind of a terrace where I’m sitting in flip flops, drinking my forth coffee and enjoying some cool stuff… But you can also catch me at some other networks which are listed in my social section.

About Deborah Hustic:

Deborah Hustic aka lomodeedee aka body pixel – artist, blogger, web dreamer… working with analogue and digital media. Holds MA in Comparative Literature and Ethnology, thesis on the topic of Butoh. Trained in graphic design; workshops in the fields of photography, dance, computer arts, semantic web, podcasts, textile arts, dance criticism, wearable technology, etc.

For 14 years involved in new media. Interested in interactive performance and motion, wearable technology and the usage of new media art in performative context.

Participated as a workshop lecturer (covering topics of blogging and networking tools for artists and cultural professionals) on many events. Did some web consultancy for social media related topics within art & cultural sector.

Runs a solo project Body Pixel Studio. Lives and works in Zagreb (Croatia).

Hooked up to socially unburdened and free creative forms.

Featured Posts:

Seven Boards of Skills, Cie 111 (c)

Interview with Aurelien Bory: On stage puzzles and space formulas

Photo: Zach Gross (c)

Interview with Guillermo Gomez Pena: You know, I worship the imagination!

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