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Call For Proposals to be included in Contemporary Performance TXTS

We are very happy to announce a call for proposals to be included in our first publication titled Contemporary Performance TXTS. This will be a network produced book about how we as contemporary performance makers prepare, road map, document, and archive our work. In essence, what does the contemporary script look like? This book will have bios, interviews and examples of performance creators and their performance TXTS. To propose your work, please log in to the network and post a blog. Then follow these directions

1. Make a blog post and title it “Contemporary Performance TXTS – Your Name”

2. Write a very brief introduction to you and your work (i.e. where are you from, what kind of media do you work in, what are some of your performative concerns)

3. What are some of the mediums you use to prepare, road map, document, and archive your work. Why do you choose these mediums and what are their benefits to you and your work.

4. Copy/past an example of your performance txt. This can be text, images, embedded video or anything of your choosing.(Please try to limit it to 3 pages long)

5. !VERY IMPORTANT! In the TAGS section under the blog post type in “TXTS01”. This is so we can find your blog using the search function.

6. Feel free to look around at the other proposals and comment.

DEADLINE for proposals is midnight EST March 4, 2011

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  1. Is this still on?

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