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NYC Culturebot interviews Dimanche Rouge

Sunday, Sept. 18, the eighth installment of Dimanche Rouge goes down at Petit Bain, a floating concert hall and art space on the Seine. A mini-festival of experimental performance founded in Paris, France by Opie Boero Imwinkelried and others Dimanche Rouge exists to offer a consistent opportunity for artists to present their work. Though less than a year old, Dimanche Rouge has a variety of ambitious projects underway, including (launching just this month) a Saturday laboratories component that, through a network of local sponsors, will connect artists globally via Livestream the day before monthly performance. In order to learn more, I spoke with curator and director Imwinkelried via email. For details, please visit their website.

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Opie Boero Imwinkelried’s work explores language and technology with a focus on the ancient Roman and Greek worlds in connection with contemporary society. Imwinkelried organizes Dimanche Rouge, an experimental performance art event taking place monthly in Paris, France.

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