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Opportunities: Call for Entries – Experimenta 01 (UK)

Call for Entries – Experimenta 01
Deadline: Wednesday 3 October 2012, 6pm (UK time)
Residency Series: Experimenta
Timescale: Experimenta 01 – 1 month (7 January – 7 February 2013)

ArtFunkl is delighted to announce the launch of the Experimenta series of residencies for Visual Artists, Writers and Film/Video Makers. This is a special residency project sponsored by ArtFunkl and there are no fees for artists to attend.

The aim of this new residency series is to bring together combinations of writers and artists to work side by side, creating new energies and new possibilities for creative dialogue. It is an opportunity for artists and writers to open up their practice to ideas and methods of working outside their habitual processes, a chance to explore and experiment.

Manchester is a city which is active in many areas of the Arts. It also has it’s own strong identity and cultural definition, which is fluid and constantly re-inventing itself. Due to the size and location of the city in the north West of England, there is a freedom in the creative environment which is not readily found in larger cities where the Art-World perhaps operates within stricter parameters.

Visual Artists, Writers and Film/Video Makers taking part in the ArtFunkl residencies can tap into the energy and dynamic of the environment around them, and use it to bring a fresh creative pulse to the next phase of their practice. Added to this there are many opportunities for initiating dialogues with locally based creative practitioners and building up creative relationships for the future.

You will:

Have space and time to work on your own project.

Show your work during the final week of the residency in an event to be formulated during the residency

Be involved in devising and constructing the exhibition space for showing your work

Be actively involved in making contacts and promoting the work.

Have the opportunity to start dialogues with locally based artists and curators

Room Fees:

There are no fees for this residency.

See A Place for Art(ists) to Live and Work for more information on accommodation provided.


Please download the attached application form and email it to ArtFunkl along with the documentation listed below:

Word Format : App_Form_Exp_01

PDF Format : App_Form_Exp_01

Please provide the following in pdf format (or other as stated), combined together in one zip file with your name as the title:

A completed application form

A resume

Work samples:

Artists: 10 images in jpg or pdf format (or links to work online if you work with digital media).

Writers/film or video makers: 3 samples in pdf or movie format

A paragraph about yourself, a personal description (around 50 – 100 words).

An Artist’s Statement describing the main points of focus of your work and your artistic mission (no more than one A4 sheet).

A brief outline of the work you propose to carry out while at ArtFunkl (no more than one A4 sheet)

A link to your own website or any public site where your work is posted

2 x references (must be from a professional person who knows you well such as a university tutor or an employer)

£25 application fee, payable via PayPal on the payments page of the website

Please email all of the above information to by 6pm (UK time) on Wednesday 3 October 2012.

ArtFunkl is a member of ResArtis

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