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In Performance: The Electric Sheep Are Back (Paris)

The Electric Sheep Are Back
November 28 – December 01, 8:30pm
December 2, 6pm
At Confluences 190 Blvd. de Charonne 75020 Paris

The Electric Sheep Are Back (Les Moutons Electriques Sont De Retour) is a three-hour journey into the alteration of time.
Director Rochdy Laribi uses a range of media to incite the senses and memory in a performance-installation where audience and artists keep exchanging roles.

“In our practice there is an addictive tendency to explore the limits and ignore the frontiers: limits of the body, the public…” Laribi points out.

Ubiquitous commands from loudspeakers, text messages, and whispers force the audience to become the protagonist through blindfolding, confiscation of mobile phones, pairing up with an imposed companion, limitation of mobility, shoes removal, invitation-enforcement to join a dancing party, rub naked bodies with ice, and perform inside a garbage bin. The final command, call someone to share a personal memory you were asked to think about throughout the performance.

This Ornic’Art production successfully accomplishes both turning the audience into the protagonist and utilizing all the spaces at Confluences (outdoors, theater, bar, and other two rooms) as a disorienting container. The audience was engaged and obedient. Happy ending trespassing the boundaries of the venue–all members of the audience on the stage making a phone call to the outisde world.

Director: Rochdy Laribi
Performers: Christine Bouvier, Rochdy Laribi, Mollie Lebherger, Jean-Christophe Petit, Lise Rondot, Audrey Vecco
Video: Mélanie François
Production : Ornic’art
In co-production with: Théâtre des Bernardines – Marseille / Friche la Belle de Mai – Marseille / Métaphores Urbaines – Paris / Confluences – Paris
Sponsor : Municipality of Marseille


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Opie Boero Imwinkelried’s work explores language and technology with a focus on the ancient Roman and Greek worlds in connection with contemporary society. Imwinkelried organizes Dimanche Rouge, an experimental performance art event taking place monthly in Paris, France, and abroad. Imwinkelried has shown video works at several international venues including the European Media Art Festival (EMAF), Clermont-Ferrand Videoformes, British Film Institute’s London LGBT Film Festival, and NewFest 2008: The New York LGBT Film Festival. Opie’s work is distributed by Frameline. In the realm of video performance, Imwinkelried has performed at venues including Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Nuit Blanche Paris, and La Gaite Lyrique. In addition to the art practice, Opie Boero Imwinkelried is currently teaching at the largest school of architecture in France, the Ecole National Superieur d’Architecture de Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV), and has taught at the State University of New York at Buffalo and other institutions. Imwinkelried holds a Master’s from the renown Media Study Department at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and pursued studies in different fields including law, philosophy, and a doctorate in classical Latin literature as well as a Master’s in classical archaeology. Imwinkelried spoke at Harvard at the ICAC International Classical Archaeology Congress. Imwinkelried was also involved in several research projects including directing the digital data production and publication project at the Old Fort Niagara excavations, researching for the virtual “reconstruction” of the palace of Ashurnasirpal project using ImmersaDesk™/CAVE™, and coding for the digitalization of Dyonisos inscriptions from the Greek corpus. Facebook: Twitter: Vimeo: Livestream: YouTube: SoundCloud: Flickr:

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