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In Performance: Marathon Performance Series at Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics (Brooklyn, USA)

Marathon Performance Series
Dec 10-23, 2012
Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics

1196 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

All events are free.

The Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics opened last month with an exhibition of drawings, tapes, and comics by Max Eisenberg, best known for his work as DJ Dog Dick and noise projects such as Dog Leather. However, due to the vision of founding performance, video, and sound artist/curator Miles Pflanz, December will see the opening of Fitness’ Marathon Performances series, 14 days of durational, weekday visual arts performances.

Ivy Castellanos (2012)

Between Dec. 10th and Dec. 23rd, fourteen artists will perform marathon works each day between 12 noon and 1pm (with some variations in exact times and lengths). Aimless tourists and flaneurs, the unemployed, and the independently wealthy are welcome to come inside, partake of available beer, and experience.

A VHS box set documenting the entirety of the project will be available in 2013.

All performances 12pm-7pm unless otherwise noted:

Monday, December 10thPanoply Performance Laboratory – a “diner/opera” called You’re a Big Boy Now OR Rauschenberg ist Todlich, 12 hours, 1pm to 1am
Tuesday, December 11thBabySkinGlove– Glam’d out time traveling drag culture and low tech couture.

Wednesday, December 12thElinor Thompson – epic struggles with banal materials and the perfect smirk. skulls stared down, babies thrown into the air.

Thursday, December 13thIvy Castellanos – IV Soldiers and the No Wave Performance Task Force cast heads in chocolate and present feminist performance art on embodiment.

Friday, December 14thReece Cox– who knows what he’ll build?

Whitney Hunter[medium] “SITE” (2012)

Saturday, December 15thHilary Sand– who know what she’ll destroy?Sunday, December 16thSindy Butz – acclaimed butoh-influenced performance artist and sculptor.Monday, December 17thWhitney Hunter – modern dancer cooking the books and playing stats games.

Tuesday, December 18thAlaina Stamatis– ho_se overachiever leads a tour of extinct birds in Bushwick, continuing the work she did for Clocktower Gallery last year.

Matthew Silver “Love Comes Out of the Butt” (film still, 2012)

Wednesday, December 19thAdjua Greaves – last seen executing a Betsy Ross routine. something about vandalizing the windows.

Thursday, December 20thMatthew Silver – the guy who performs in public at Union Square and Astor Place (and performance and video artist).

Friday, December 21stAmber Tonelle Lee – body as ballistics, performance artist.

Saturday, December 22ndSasha Desree – the lizard guides us thru the day after tomorrow.

Sunday, December 23rdFrank Ludovico – Rockaway space Red Light District resident presents “i can’t believe the nutrition facts!”

BabySkinGlove’s “Zen”

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Esther Neff is from Indiana, USA. She organizes/cognizes, writes, performs, and makes.

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