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Featured: “yo.contenido” Tijuana 10/2013 (available june 2013)

yo.contenido is an exhibition that will open in October 2013 as part of the arts festival in the city of Tijuana “ENTIJUANARTE” (Oct 4th-6th). The exhibition is in the curatorial charge of the art critic Luis Ramaggio and will remain at the CECUT (Tijuana Cultural Center) until January 2014 when it is thought to be roamed to a city in the U.S.

This exhibition will present the work of 35 young artists involved in contemporary production with the dynamics of the “subject”, the “I” as a point of origin and reflection of a generation raised between global and economic movements, not only in art, but in the field of information, culture, media and social volatility.

“ yo.contenido” will present the work of Javier Pulido Gandara, born in Mexico City in the 80’s and part of the young generation of contemporary artists in performance.

His work blends everyday information with fiction. In “Eat Diviness” Javier Pulido coordinates different processes (performance, installation, video ..) that build one piece.

Among the artists invited to participate are
Ale España
Alex Bolio
Ana Bayuleti
Cecilia Beaven
Chris Castañeda
Eduardo Aguilar
Emilio Rangel
Ernesto Alva
Francisco Eme
Gustavo Soriano
Horacio R. Quiroz
Isaac Contreras
Jacinto Quesnel
Javier Emilio Jiménez
Javier Pulido Gandará
Jethro Zuñiga
Jonathan Miralda
Karla Castillo
Kenia Arguiñao
Libre Gutierrez
Marcos Castro
Moises Regla
Nuria Montiel
Omar R. Graham
Orlando Díaz
Paola Villaseñor
Gabriela Huerta
Roberto García
Rodigo Imaz
Rodrigo Frenk
Salvador Jacobo
Tabata Bandin
Tania Ximena

This exhibition is planned to become a directory of artists that takes place annually under the tutoring of a different curator in each edition.

This directory would be a database of art work from young artists in Mexico from the current generation, whose qualities and curatorial approaches differentiate from commercial projects with which it shares some characteristics and are often repetitive.

In 2013 the exhibition will be dedicated to the recently deceased artist Axel Velázquez, a young member of the Mexican art community with his symbolic participation through a piece that the project NETER will provide for exposure.

Also “yo.contenido” will feature the participation of both critics and curators as Bárbara Perea, Santiago Espinosa de los Monteros and José Springer.


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Art critic student from the National University in Mexico City. At the present time working in a project to conceptualize contemporary art work. Writter and notionalist. Graduate by research modality with the publication "ENUNCIADO", analysis of contemporary art collections and structures to conceptualize art work ( registered UNAM Academia de San Carlos )

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