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Hector Canonge completes “TROTAMUNDOS” a live art project that took him through various countries in Europe

“IMPERFECT” Performance for Preavis des Desordre Urbain at la Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, France.

October 30th, 2013 (Helsinki, Finland) -After two months of traveling through various European countries, Hector Canonge has completed the long journey of his project “TROTAMUNDOS”. In early September, Canonge embarked on a journey that took him from the Mediterranean coast to the shores of the Baltic Sea.  As he moved from one country to another, and from one city to his next destination, the project took its own form as presentations, performances, public interventions and exhibitions started to take place.  In the process, Canonge met with local artists,  visited art spaces, worked with various organizations and public institutions that made possible the implementation of site specific projects under the umbrella of his aptly denominated artistic enterprise “TROTAMUNDOS.”

“SOLO-IO” Performance, GALERIA ZDJĘĆ, Poznan, Poland  “A-CORDS” Art Intervention, Baltic Sea near Tallinn, Estonia.

TROTAMUNDOS is a project in Live Experiential Art that worked as umbrella for the creation, development and presentation of Performance Art work, Public Actions, Interventions, Collaborative Happenings, and Exhibitions organized and implemented as Hector Canonge traveled in Europe for two months. Starting with a number of anchor locations and hosting programs, among them RED PLEXUS in Marseille, France; RESIDENCIA ROSA & ULAT in Tarragona, Spain; and DIMANCHE ROUGE FESTIVAL in Helsinki, Finland, Canonge traveled from the Mediterranean Coast to the Baltic Sea during the months of September and October producing his project “on the go.” As he moved from country to country, and from city to city, he worked with artists, cultural organizations, community art spaces, collectives and public institutions. In an interview with Spanish art critic, Cesar Reglero, the artist declared that “the project was an experiment in collaboration and open source methodology.  It was conceptualized as an organic process because as I travelled, I contacted, met, and proposed presentations with artists, people, and organizations that were new to me.  The experience was formidable and unique at a personal and professional level.” 

“POU TREMÙL” Art Exhibition & Performance, The Gray Square Gallery for RESIDENCIA ROSA, ULAT, Tarragona, Spain.

TROTAMUNDOS was based on that premise: the traveler that enters a new geography, a new territory and thus has resonance on the immediate surroundings and its residents. As an umbrella for a number of individual works in Performance Art, Live Action Art, Social Practice, Public Interventions and Generative Art Exhibitions, “TROTAMUNDOS” was presented in major European cities with the collaboration of artists and art spaces in France: Marseille (Preavis des Desordre Urbain at la Friche la Belle de Mai) and Paris (Le 116 Centre); Spain: Barcelona (MACBA), La Riera de Gaià (Residencia Rosa & ULAT), Tarragona (Gray Square Gallery), Madrid (Espacio Identidad and El Patio de Martin de los Heros) and Zaragoza (Espacio In-Cognito); Belgium, Brussels (Sign6); Amsterdam (Krul Space) The Netherlands; Berlin (Agora and OKK) in Germany;  Poznan (GALERIA RACZEJ) and Warsaw (Centrum Nauki Kopernik) in Poland; Tallinn, Estonia; and Helsinki (Dimanche Rouge Festival at Galleria Augusta), Finland.

A catalog of the project will be created and published in 2014 under the sponsorship of Goethe Zentrum Latin America.

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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