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Open call for production ideas to Dancenet Sweden – deadline 15 jan 2014

Dancenet Sweden is seeking project ideas from dance artists!

Open call 1 dec 2013 – 15 jan 2014

Dancenet Sweden is launching a new model for co-production between its various partners in Sweden and is now seeking an artistic idea from you, a choreographer or constellation/group, to develop in dialogue with Dancenet Sweden. The production period is spring/summer 2015, with the tour set for autumn 2015, hitting 12 Dancenet partners. You are welcome to send in your proposal between Dec 1, 2013 and Jan 15, 2014.

Dancenet Sweden is a countrywide network of 12 partners, consisting of collaborating venues, municipalities, regions and counties. Each partner is unique, with different organizational structures, economic frameworks, geographic locations and audience profiles. Our joint mission is to create tours of performing art productions by Swedish and international choreographers and companies. Every year 10-12 selected performances tour via the network.

As a complement to its touring operations, Dancenet Sweden is now launching a completely new form of co-production between partners in the network. The aim is to create better immersion and Contact opportunities for artists and audiences alike. We are now rolling out a pilot project in 2013-2014. During the pilot project, we will be evaluating all aspects of the project process prior to the next production.

The call for proposal is open to all dance artists, dancers, choreographers and groups. We are looking for an idea that will be produced by Dancenet Sweden and go on tour to the partners involved.

Dancenet Sweden is looking for an idea that…
– is specially conceived for Dancenet Sweden.
– is adaptable to the range of different locations in our network, and aims to involve, communicate, contribute to and be influenced by different contexts and the people living in them
– can take place at the various stages within the network

For example, it could be an idea about looking at Sweden from a sociopolitical perspective, a sitespecific idea or a choreography or concept with a module that evolves and developes from place to place.

Production phase.
In the application form you can read more about each partner/venue in the network. You are then asked to select 2-3 places where you would like to develop the idea and rehearse, as well as to decide where you would like to have the premiere. We would also like you to tell us why you have chosen these places relative to your choreographic idea.

The tour will take place in autumn 2015.

The co-production is being sponsored by 11 of Dancenet Sweden’s partners, which is why the selected production will tour these locations. It is estimated that the production will spend one week at each place, in other words 11 weeks and at least 22 shows/performances. The dance artist/constellation will put together a proposal in collaboration with Dancenet’s partners on how to Schedule the week, including audience encounters. This may differ depending on the location and context relative to the choreographic idea.

Co-production and commissioned work
The selected choreographic work will be produced as a public event through a producer from Dancenet Sweden. This includes drawing up a framework for the production, setting a budget and implementing a plan in a dialogue with the selected choreographer/constellation. The final team, including the choreographer(s) will be employed and contracted through a legal entity via Dancenet Sweden.

Bringing in external funding during the process is a possibility but not a requirement, and will not be taken into consideration during the selection process. We will not however be bringing in any external co-producers.

The work itself will be a sort of commissioned work from the selected choreographer/group by the partners in the network, financed with co-production funds. Once the first tour round has been completed, ownership of the piece will be transferred to the choreographer/constellation behind the idea for further development and touring.

Finances and budget
As a frame: we are looking at a possibility of a productio budget with 2-3 artists and 1 choreographer with an additional budgeting including example wages a light designer and costume designer and means of production. We would like though to emphasize that we at this point are considering all constellations and models. We ask you as applicant to have an openness in your suggestion for discussion i relation to the final budget. We are not looking for initial budget estimates from applicants as we do not want to influence the content at the project idea stage.

How to apply
The deadline for applications is January 15, 2014. Click on the link “Production application” on Dancenet Sweden’s website which will open 1 Dec 2013. Answer the questions on the application form and attach your proposal, which should be a maximum of three-pages long.

Decision process
Five ideas will be shortlisted in the first round. The people behind the ideas will meet with Dancenet Sweden in March 2014 and present their idea, followed by a discussion about its potential with representatives from Dancenet Sweden. In the end, one idea will be selected, produced and put on tour within the network. The final idea will be selected by the Dancenet Sweden partner group, consisting of a representative from each partner.

Time schedule
Deadline for applications: January 15, 2014.
Five shortlisted ideas announced: February 1, 2014
Presentation and discussion with Dancenet Sweden: March 2015
Finalist selected: June 1, 2014
Development of the idea in dialogue with Dancenet Sweden:
Production period: Spring/Summer 2015 (to be discussed)
Touring period: Autumn 2015

Applicant qualifications
You are an artist, constellation, company or group with a documented history of creating and performing/presenting large or small works. We do not require that you hold ownership of your own production entity. If your idea is selected, production will be carried out through a producer at Dancenet Sweden.

Participating partners in the co-production 2014

Dans i Nord

Dans i Sydost

Dansens Hus


Gävle Teater

Jönköpings Kommun

Kultur i Väst

Linköpings Kommun


Region Halland


Development of new co-production model
This co-production model was developed by Nordberg Movement.

Contact: Carina Norée, Head of office +46 (0)8-508 990 77 carina.noree[at]

Please note that the Office of Dancenet Sweden will be closed for holidays Dec. 23 2013 – 6 Jan. 2014. Under this period we will be unable to answer any of your questions.

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