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In Performance

In Performance: Intimacy (COIL)

In Performance: Intimacy (COIL)

Intimacy. Ranters Theatre. Photo by Paulo-Pacheco
Ranters Theatre/Intimacy
Photo by Paulo Pacheco

The presentation of Intimacy strips away all pretense, leaving two stools, a text display, and a screen. Without any fancy theatrical apparatus, performers Adriano Cortese, Beth Buchanan, and Patrick Moffatt are left to hold our attention with only their unflinching honesty. As a conversation unfolds, the matter-of-fact acceptance of judgment-worthy or at least unusual statements becomes rather soothing, creating a space where it seems that no action or topic would be too intimate to bring up. Discussion of highly personal subjects, such an estranged son or the feeling of being self-centered and trying to hide it become counterpoints to revealing bodily intimacy, including a demonstration of a man’s physical technique for counteracting panic attacks and a dance routine a woman uses to combat her insomnia. The piece’s very simplicity is disarming, and invites the audience to engage with the inner lives and secret truths that live under the skin of the people we see onstage.

Directed, Written and Performed by Adriano Cortese
Written and Performed by Beth Buchanan, Patrick Moffatt
Written by Raimondo Cortese, Paul Lum
Sound Design by David Franzke
Based on Set Design by Anna Tregloan
Based on Lighting Design by Niklas Pajanti
Video by Keri Light
Beth’s Dance Choreography by Alison Halit

Co-presented with New Ohio Theatre

Jan 11 – 8pm
Jan 13 – 5pm
Jan 14 – 6pm
Jan 15 – 9pm
Jan 16 – 4pm

New Ohio Theatre
154 Christopher Street, Manhattan

$20 / $15 Students & Seniors

PS122’s COIL Festival continues through January 17th

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