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In Performance – Sarah Small, Secondary Dominance (Prototype Festival)

Sarah Small
Secondary Dominance

January 6, 7, & 11-14, 9pm

Prototype 2017
145 6th Avenue, New York

In Secondary Dominance, the multi-media concert debuting at Prototype after over a decade in development, creator Sarah Smalls and director Wade McCollum build an evening at times spectacular, intimate, moving, and overwhelming. In 13 short movements Smalls combines a plethora of diverse genres including Balkan folk music, industrial goth rock, contemporary chamber, renaissance, and punk utilizing Chinese sheng, strings, winds, live and recorded electronics, densely layered vocals, dancers, live performers, and projected media to bring the piece to glorious life. The result is a lush and fast-moving piece that frequently undermines your expectations both musically and theatrically.

Secondary Dominance is an evening that follows the aesthetic and logic of the source of it’s inspiration: dreams. The piece is elusive, playful, etherial, beautiful, and occasionally frighteningly out of control. Like in a dream we recognize the many characters we see and somehow know that different as they may seem they’re all really aspects of ourselves.

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