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Online Panel Discussion – Emphasize Empathy – Friday, November 19, 7-9am EST & 9-11pm KST (La Mama CULTUREHUB) Free

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Emphasize Empathy
Friday, November 19
7-9am EST & 9-11pm KST

Are you a student, a teacher or an artist and you want to know how empathy can impact your study, work, or creative process? If you missed the last Emphasize Empathy’s workshop, this is the perfect time to register for the final panel discussion of Emphasize Empathy! Panel members will discuss what empathy in education and the creative industries means and will develop a call to action for safe and inclusive creative and educational spaces.

Thematic topics will include: “Challenges to empathy and structural constraints,” “Storytelling as a way to amplify empathy,” “Strategies for re-centering stories from the margin,” and more.

Hosted by Silvana Beerends Pavlovic (Senior Lecturer / Head of Storytelling Learning Community at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Keynote speaker: Sobhi Khatib (Facilitator, trainer, speaker and storyteller, program leader on Systematic Change at the Digital Society School of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Panelists will include: Andrea Shinyoung Kim (Documentary media artist and a Fulbright-SeoulArts Research Fellow), Vincenzo Cavallo (Academic researcher, visual artist and social entrepreneur, Co-Founder of The Nairobi Bus Collective, and postdoctoral affiliate at Oxford University), Gilberto Scaramuzzo (Actor, Director and Associate Professor of at Roma 3 University, Founder of Mimesis Lab), Jenny England (Musician and educator), Taiwo Afolabi (Theatre practitioner, Assistant Professor at the University of Regina in Canada, Co-founder Green Africa), Hyshil Sander (Illustrator and lectures at Amsterdam University of Applied Science).

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