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Featured: Performagia 1 – 7 Catalogs (Mexico)

Whenever we talk about the value of things we are concerned about the relation of our existence and the thing we are valuing. In this measurement of reality we ensure in a statement not only what we think but the idea of making our thoughts part of the world.

Then, what happens when we discuss art­? What happens when we talk about something that vanishes at the same time it exists? What about performance?

I would like to share with this community both the information of a collection of catalogs published in 2011 and a video about a specific point of view (not very “pro performance” as an artistic activity in relation to catalog 6 (of 7).

I should start explaining that this sequence of “books” was conceived from the idea to make a review of the Performance International Encounters editions 2003 to 2009, Performagia. Through seven years Performagia arises as a platform for experimentation focused on performance. Since that moment to the edition of the catalogs in 2011 the way of looking and thinking about art changed significantly, not just because of the incredibly fast exchange of information online but by the amounts of members moving from one country to another; the opening of the U. Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) in 2008 and the remarkable growth of the Contemporary Art Fair in Mexico City (ZonaMACo).

Relative to the construction of conceptual structures with intangible supports, as happens in performance, we know what remains to analyze, unfortunately, it´s just the record. It would be delightful to live as we please in the moment of the performance, but that’s the quality that escapes to this specific form of art, we can’t hold it. What we can do is contain it through images and books.

I share in this post a video about the table of discussion of Catalog 6 (Performagia edition 2008) in wich mexican critic A. Lesper talks about artistic value in performance.

Responses of the artist L. Wolfer or César Martínez can be found online.

These videos are in Spanish, but if you want me to send a written translation to your personal e-mail let me know.

Performagia 1 to 7

Published by Museo del Chopo and UNAM

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Art critic student from the National University in Mexico City. At the present time working in a project to conceptualize contemporary art work. Writter and notionalist. Graduate by research modality with the publication "ENUNCIADO", analysis of contemporary art collections and structures to conceptualize art work ( registered UNAM Academia de San Carlos )

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