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Featured: DasArts Open Day (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

DasArts Open Lab Presentations to round off the Block

DasArts Open Days

Visit the Open Days Weekend at DasArts on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 January 2013.
On Friday you can see presentations by our participants. On Saturday you are welcome to witness a ‘Day in the life of DasArts’.

when the programme will be especially conceived for people who are interested in the life at DasArts and who may be considering to apply. It is set up as a parcours through all aspects of the DasArts life: visit the curriculum room, a space full of information about the different parts of the DasArts curriculum; be present during “zoom-moments” with short presentations about aspects of studying at DasArts; participate and atend to the activities we have scheduled. We start the program at 16.00 until 22.00.

Friday 18 JANUARY – 20h

“Stranger” is a lifesize boardgame born from a fascination for the mechanisms that are at work when people look at other people.

Concept and maker: Emke Idema –


Dogs (Les Chiens)

is a short text by Hervé Guibert, created very early in his writing career, containing open sexual content, and referred to by the author as his “pornographic book”. The animality of desire, expressed through the dual nature of a sado-masochistic relationship, is eventually sublimated to the vitality of the shared hetero-homo sexual act.

Director: Bojan Djordjev; performer: Stipe Kostanić –
dogs bojan djordjev

In the concert-performance “PostUganda” you can be convinced how even the most embarrassing and generalizing clichés about women, the fine arts, the PMS hysteria and the new Age of Aquarius will turn out to be true and more…

Performance by: Maike Lond and Riina Maidre
post uganda riina maidre

Saturday 19 JANUARY – 16 – 22h

– Watch the documentary “A Film about Feedback”, about the feedback methods used at DasArts, with Q&A afterwards.
– Before dinner, a mixed cooking team of DasArtsians and visitors will prepare a soup meal for everybody – and exchange insiders information in the kitchen

– A durational speed date dinner – join a DasArts staff member or student at the table and ask everything you always wanted to know about DasArts

– Experience a participative format designed by Bojan Djordjev, Sonja Jokiniemi and Pedro Manuel, in order to share the way theory can be used in artistic practices at DasArts

– work in progress presentations:

Oh god, just dress me up
A 15 minute performance developed during the first intensive block at DasArts exploring the role of an upmarket boutique employee during times of crisis, i.e. the capitalist prostitute.
performance by: Margo van de Linde –


margo van de linde

Erasure – Pedro Manuel
“In a time where actuality is temporary, how is the presence made present? a possible answer: levitation.”
A performance about the appearing and disappearance of images as documentation acts and the liveness of memory.
performance by: Pedro Manuel –


erasure pedro manuel








DasArts website

Reservations and information:

register for the open days sending an e-mail to: [email protected]
or calling: +31 (0)20 5869636.

Address: Mauritskade 56, 1092 AD Amsterdam

Photos by Thomas Lenden

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Two actors, while shooting a movie, had to start a new scene after had supposedly ran a long distance. One of the actors went running before shooting the scene to feel tired. When he came back, sweaty, breathless, ready, the other actor asked: "Why don't you just pretend?" For me, theatre is about pretending but, at the same time, experience becomes the best performance.

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