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Almanac13 : Emmanuel Hernandez (Las Varillas – Córdoba, Argentin)

This post is part of a series of profiles on performance and performance makers from the book Contemporary Performance Almanac 2013, an overview of contemporary performance presented during the 2012/2013 season available for touring now.


The objective of this action is to develop a process of production where the different periods and situations that people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome go through, can be shown. Description: He starts sitting down on a wooden box in front of a mirror with a rope tied to his neck. The other extreme of the rope goes into a hole in the wooden box. Then he changes different kinds of masks. He gets around the room until the length of the rope allows him. Behind the mirror, there is an axe. When he picks it up, he starts breaking the top of the box, until it opens. When he reaches his objective, he ‘discovers’ that the rope is tied to an overall, which is alike the one he is wearing. He hugs it and leaves with it in his hands. When one is silent, the body speaks… when the soul cries, body explodes… when the mind is blocked, is he who is responsible for her to remember it. It is difficult or impossible trying to decipher the channel of communication between these two subjects. In this absurd analogy, one tries to symbolize the body as another subject that must deal with every day. Trying to overcome obstacles and defying limits that haunt the embarrassing for fear of ridicule. And here the great unknown that ends up making us more human and worldly… without guys or fellows. Looking at us ourselves and no one gives us a hand…

Performance History: Aún Sin Título Performance Cycle Córdoba- Argentina

Biography: The Fine Artist who is native of Las Varillas Town, Cordoba Province in Argentina, studied at Escuela de Bellas Artes Dr. Jose Figueroa Alcorta in Cordoba, Capital. He started working in the performance, taking part in seasons of performances, and international festivals doing public presentations in different countries of Latin-American. He uses different languages through installations and interventions in the streets. His work is based on the action in its pure state, taking profit of the spaces as strategic places, creating questionable values about the countries. He also develops activities such as cultural advisor. Nowadays, he has opened his own art gallery called TEO in his city of origin. The artist makes his work aiming to transmit different emotions, trying to move the feelings of the observer using his body as a support. In the cultural management, he tries to break the myths and have a contemporary look at art through teaching, reaching different places, which are far away from the artistic and cultural field with a more social work.


Twitter: @emmanuelharts
Facebook: emmanuel.hernandez.39


Photo: © Cande Vera Barrios

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