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In Performance: M.Lamar – Funeral Doom Spiritual (Prototype Festival)


Friday January 13, 7pm
Saturday January 14, 7pm + 10pm

National Sawdust
80 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Funeral Doom Spiritual starts in discord. Strings play wildly and we hear the drone of endless bombs. Time slows as M.Lamar glides to his place at the keys. You crave for the strings and bombs to stop. Duration and intensity are powerful tools in M. Lamar, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, and Tucker Culbertson’s exploration of a past future. Set in 2117, M.Lamar explores centuries of black death via music inspired by the negro spirituals. The restlessness of the music exposes a bleak future that looks so much like our past that you think you’re in a fever dream. Death is rest in this future. I suspect that this sentiment would also hold true for the American slave.  Rest is not what M.Lamar is after. The piece is mining mourning as a source of power.  To die means you submitted but to mourn means you are resisting.

Photo Credit: Sabin Michael Calvert

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