Author: Carol Cheh (Los Angeles, USA)

First Person: homeLA (Los Angeles, CA)First Person: homeLA (Los Angeles, CA)

First Person: homeLA (Los Angeles, CA)

There’s a grand experiment afoot; the intrepid folks at Pieter and the Dance Resource Center are seeking to infiltrate large private homes throughout Los Angeles with a “site-sensitive” dance series called homeLA. The concept is a mutually beneficial one; the city’s small but scrappy experimental dance community opens up new performance venues for itself, while the sites themselves are enhanced by...

First Person: Mulholland Dérive (Los Angeles, USA)First Person: Mulholland Dérive (Los Angeles, USA)

First Person: Mulholland Dérive (Los Angeles, USA)

The latest edition of Los Angeles Road Concerts, an annual daylong art/performance/music/literary event that takes over the entire length of one of the city’s iconic boulevards, took place on Mulholland Drive yesterday. It was very cleverly named Mulholland Dérive, after a Situationist strategy for combating the numbing effects of capitalism. In the words of theorist Guy Debord, “In a dérive [peop...