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In Performance: Catch 50 @ The Chocolate Factory May 5, 2012 (NYC)

In Performance: Catch 50 @ The Chocolate Factory May 5, 2012 (NYC)

5 mind-bending shows in one unbelievable night of total performance mayhem
Saturday May 5, 2012 , Cinco de Mayo
The Chocolate Factory
Tickets are $10 per hour slot of performance 

CATCH is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary, rough and ready performance series-event curated by Jeff Larson, Andrew Dinwiddie and Caleb Hammons that blows through Brooklyn every couple of months.


6pm – 600 Highwaymen ! Karinne Keithley ! Maggie McBrien ! Matt Citron ! NTUSA !

7pm – Rebecca Serrell Cyr ! Donna Uchizono ! Brian Rogers ! Aretha Aoki ! Anna Sperber ! Hijack !

8pm – Katy Pyle ! Joseph Keckler ! Hedia Maron & Jibz Cameron ! Regina Rocke ! Yackez !

9pm – Big Dance Theater ! Bobby McElver ! Eliza Bent ! Andrew Schneider ! Paul Lazar by Kate Valk !

10pm – Dr. Schuler ! Myles Kane ! Chris Schlichting ! Sean Donovan ! Fantasy Grandma ! Neal Medlyn !

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