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In Performance

In Performance: Center For Performance Research June 2012 (NYC)

In Performance: Center For Performance Research June 2012 (NYC)

Photo by: Nikolas Giannakopoulos

CPR Presents: Spring Movement

June 1st & 2nd @ 7:30pm
Tickets: $12 online at or at the door (cash only)

Center for Performance Research’s bi-annual multimedia movement festival featuring dance and experimental performance returns June 1 and 2, 2012.

Friday June 1st
Esmé Boyce
Positional Among Others
Choreography by Esmé Boyce
Performance and collaboration by Yara Travieso

Carmen Caceres
Choreography: Carmen Caceres
Dancers: Alfredo Tauste – Ana Romero – Carmen Caceres – Heather Currie – Karen Miller –Michelle Pellizzon – Rebecca Lubart – Roxanne Donovan Foster – Violeta Tellez
Song: Alfredo Tauste

Sophia Cleary
The Tirade
choreographed by sophia cleary
performed by sophia cleary and kate berlant

Michele Torino Hower
Horse Circle Time
Directed by Michele Torino Hower
Performed by Tatyana Tenenbaum, Michele Torino Hower and Audience Guests

Keiko Hashimoto
Soft Edges
choreographed and performed by Keiko Hashimoto
visual images by Usha
mask by Yoko Mori

Saturday June 2nd
Dahlia Nayar
Acqua Alta
Dancers: Adriane Fang, Nicole McClam Gina Milovan Kohler
Choreography, Soundscape, Costumes, Film: Dahlia Nayar

HeJin Jang
Migrant-self the speed of a door

AVtv Creations
Choreographer: Alissa Horowitz with Victor Lazaro
Performers: Alissa Horowitz, Victor Lazaro

Shani Collins-Achille/ Eternalworks Dance Company
Alive: The Movement
Choreography and performance by Shani Collins-Achille
Video and narration: Bitter Cane Documentary (1988) Haiti Films
English voice of Captain Craig by Clyde Kelly
Recorded music by Frantz Casseus
Original live music and song by M. Achille

Rastro/ Julieta Valero
Mambo Cotidiano

Refreshments generously donated by spritz-o

New Voices in Live Performance Curated by Anya Liftig
Dangling Modifier– After the Comma

June 15-16 @ 8pm
Tickets: Free, Donations for CPR encouraged

Artists: Tess Dworman, Panoply Performance Lab (Jessica Bathurst, Arla Berman,
Cory Bracken, Katie Johnston, Brian McCorkle, Natasha Missick, Esther
Neff, Michael Newton, Ellen O’Meara), John Berdel, Stephen Van Dyck

Dangling Modifier brings together east and west coast artists who are helping to define a new avant-garde. Brooklyn based Tess Dworman investigates the sculptural potentials of the face in movement work. Los Angeles artists John Berdel and Stephen van Dyck work with meditation, subtle infiltration into public spaces, and intimate performance scores. New York’s Panoply Performance Lab examines complex systems and traces epistemic, emotional, and socio-political viewpoints/theories using music, text, analog electronics, video, participatory elements, and found materials.

New Voices In Live Performance Curated by Compendium

June 22, 6pm-10pm & June 23, 3pm-10pm.
Suggested donation $5-15 at the door only.

Compendium: Technics is a performance micro-conference organized by the Compendium. Over the course of two days, artists from around the world and across disciplines are invited to research their relationships with technology, technicalities, and technics. Friday, June 22nd will feature artists working “sans technics” and Saturday, June 23rd will feature artists who depends on “technics” to operate.

Friday June 22:  Artists will perform in the CPR spaces in the absence of colloquially-defined “technology,” i.e. without amplification, lighting, etc, stripping the work to all but conceptual forms of technics. Audiences must be present in the space to experience the work. Documentation will consist of written descriptions.

Saturday, June 23: Artists will have access to CPR’s cutting edge technological array, including multiple projectors, sound system, and lighting grid, and may bring in their own technological devices, set-ups, and mechanisms. Audiences may view streamed performances from computers all over the world and performances will be documented on digital video.

A round-table discussion on Saturday, June 23rd at 4pm will allow us to reflect on the collective research performed, involving the artists from the project and including other voices in live performance.

New Voices in Live Performance
Curated by Grace Exhibition Space

June 29th & 30th @7pm
Tickets: $10 online at or at the door (cash only)

Friday 29th

KIKUKO TANAKA 7:00 – 9:00 PM
“Traumatic Encounter Forever!”
“Traumatic Encounter Forever!” is a part of an open-­‐ ended multimedia tragicomic
epic “A Tragic Bambi,” which revolves around recurring images of urination of the
dismembered body of Bambi as an idée fixe. Originated out of lovers’ absurd longing to eradicate their own discontinuous beings, “Traumatic Encounter Forever!” examines our passionate aspirations expressed in the conjunction of aesthetics,
politics and religion. Why do we aim for transcendence or sublimation through art?
Why do we believe that art could or should bring social change? “Traumatic Encounter Forever!” does not offer answers to those questions, but rather examines
the symbolic structure that generates such questions. The revealed is the construction of western subjectivity, deranged from the perspective of a racial and
sexual other.

Saturday 30th

I work for the UNIVERSE. I’m on a spiritual journey to make the entire world LAUGH at NOTHING. We all need people! And people need us! Seeing people laugh is what makes me happy and is my dream. My goal is to only make more people laugh. And one day, the entire

ADAM ROSE  8:15-9pm
Adam Rose is the Artistic Director of Antibody Corporation, a non-profit organization specializing in mind-body and occult research.  Since its founding in 2009, Antibody has presented research findings in a variety of media including performance, video, and text.

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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