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ALMANAC 15 Artist: Rachel Arianne Ogle (Perth, Australia)

Artist Statement
My vision is to create bold, dynamic and physically demanding dance works through a rigorous process, with finesse and excellence across all aspects of the work. I aim to utilize the body as a vehicle to engage and evoke a visceral response from both the performer and the viewer on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. My work is distinguished by precise, physically demanding and acutely complex choreography. My detailed approach to movement and energy allows intricate, elastic dynamics to emerge and immersive experiences to manifest through the dancing body. My choreographic practice and fascination focuses on the dynamics of time and space, and the interconnectedness of all aspects of our being within the infinite universe; our existence in an expansiveness of space made of and by forces far greater than ourselves yet intrinsically connected to our core, is a driving focus in my explorations. I have performed nationally and internationally with companies including: Phillip Adams’ BalletLab, Buzz Dance Theatre, Hydra Poesis (Australia); City Contemporary Dance Company (Hong Kong); Unfinished Company (Amsterdam); and the global 50collective. I have undertaken extensive studies with renowned dance artist David Zambrano, participating in his ’50 Days in Costa Rica’ project. My choreographic work includes commissions for Link Dance Company, Proximity Festival, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Nat Cursio Company, STRUT Dance and Steps Youth Dance Company. My work has been performed in Australia, France, Netherlands and Nigeria.

Rachel Arianne Ogle wields her technical and extremely physical style to draw immense unseen forces in the bodies of four dancers. Inspired by tectonic shifts, gravitational torsion and states of emotional rupture, precipice is a dance of abandon and precarious control. “precipice began its life as an exploration of various physical states in opposition. It very quickly grew to take on a voice and direction of its own, to transcend my initial points of departure and delve into territory encompassing grander concepts of the universe. The infinite space in which we exist and to which we are intimately interconnected, and the invisible forces that are constantly at play within this, are beyond the realm of my conception. Through considering our place in this immense system, we unveil a profound vulnerability and fragility that is both ephemeral and enigmatic.” Ogle has assembled leading performance designers to create an immersive multi-sensory experience where choreography unfolds within an electrifying light and sound installation. Contrasting precision and strength with mounting tension and fragility, this is a bold and unique work of contemporary dance from one of Australia’s rising choreographic artists. ‘A knockout production… Rapid high-tech triggers transport us into an expansive universe through light, sound and dance…. A ticket to another dimension.’ The West Australian 23/08/2014Concept and Choreography by Rachel Arianne Ogle. Sound Composition by Luke Smiles / motion laboratories. Visual Design by Benjamin Cisterne. Costumes by Colleen Sutherland.
precipice from rachelarianne on Vimeo.

Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of Western AustraliaFACEBOOK: OR COMPANY EMAIL
[email protected]


Photographer: Traianos Pakioufakis

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