MEIN HERZ – drodesera XXXIII: ALESSANDRO SCIARRONI / UNTITLED_I will be there when you die

UNTITLED_I will be there when you die is a choreographic and performative practice on the passing of time born out of a reflection on the art of juggling. This work represents the second chapter of a larger project entitled Will you still love me tomorrow?, A research on the concepts of strain, perseverance and endurance. In this new work the toss juggling (the throwing of objects) evokes the fragility of human existence. If Folk-s is a performance without eyes composed by ear, following the rhythm, I will be there when you die is like a work written with the eye. The idea is to strip away all the stereotypes that are commonly associated to this circus art in the collective imagination to allow its exploration as a language. Practice, rule, discipline, commitment, concentration are the bu...

Video: FOLK-S will you still love me tomorrow? by Alessandro Sciarroni (Italy)

FOLK-S will you still love me tomorrow? by Alessandro Sciarroni creation and dramaturgy Alessandro Sciarroni folk-dancers Marco D’Agostin, Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld, Francesca Foscarini, Matteo Ramponi, Alessandro Sciarroni, Francesco Vecchi sound Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld video and images Matteo Maffesanti lighting Rocco Giansante costumes Ettore Lombardi a production Teatro Stabile delle Marche – Progetto Archeo.S – System of Archeological Sites of the Adriatic Seas co-funded by IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Program in collaboration with Corpoceleste_C.C.00# supported by Inteatro, Amat-Civitanova Danza per “Civitanova Casa della Danza”, Centrale Fies, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea – Comune di Bassano del Grappa, ChoreoRoam Europe Folk-s is a performative a...

In Performance: 13 Most Beautiful…Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests, featuring Dean & Britta (Pittsburgh, USA)

Thursday, November 8, 8PM Carnegie Lecture Hall Tickets: $20 general public/$15 students, members After a very successful worldwide tour, Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips return to the city from which the project commenced in 2008 for the 75th performance of 13 Most Beautiful…Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests in Pittsburgh. This performance will be held in the the Carnegie Lecture Hall, a short crosstown drive from the Warhol Museum. The project, which features a selection of Warhol’s four-minute silent film portraits with commissioned soundtracks by Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips (formerly of Luna and Galaxie 500), was jointly commissioned by The Warhol and The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. The concert, which features single-subject studies of Lou Reed, Nico, Denni...

First Person: Deborah Hay, Richmond Hall (Houston, TX, USA)

Deborah Hay, a member of the Judson Dance Theater and a founder of postmodern dance, performed at Richmond Hall on October 13 at noon and again at 3pm. Her site specific work called Richmond Hall was performed by the audience, six dancers and her within the Dan Flavin installation. The event began with six dancers/conductors gathering and forming the audience into six groups. Each group was lead by a conductor and instructed by their conductor to follow and stay near them. Hay’s entrance was preceded by vocal sounds she was creating. She then joined the space and composed and moved her body through the space. Throughout the event, Hay performed around and at times within the pond-like masses the groups formed. Sometimes she created accompanying sounds. At other times, it was silent other t...

Video: Day 2 of PRELUDE12 (NYC)

PRELUDE.12 is the ninth annual PRELUDE dedicated to artists at the forefront of contemporary New York City theatre, dance, interdisciplinary and mediatized performance. In its largest lineup ever, PRELUDE.12 will offer an array of over 40 short performances, readings, and screenings — a completely free survey of the current New York moment and the work being prepared for the 2012/13 season and beyond—as well as new commissions and panel discussions with artists, scholars and performers. PRELUDE.12 is a place to discover what voices are shaping the future of theatre and performance in NYC, to observe, engage, commune, and critique. You can view all of the video documentation on their ustream here

In Performance: Philippe Saire’s BLACKOUT (Zurich, Switzerland)

  Black Out Philippe Saire Rote Fabrik October 4 & 5, 2012 Black Out, after a series of pieces marked by theatricality, renews with the plenitude of movement and above all bearswitness to a very old attachment of Philippe Saire’s to drawing. Here, the materiality at work in Lonesome Cowboy (creation 2009) is at the centre of the performance in the form of a black granulated floor, composed of thousands of fragments in which the dancers’ movements leave traces, thus composing a choreographic piece inside which is a work of fine art. Although a dramaturgical framework is clearly visible, as always with Philippe Saire, the choreographer clearly intends to give pride of place to his graphic preoccupations in the construction of a narrative base. Here, dance touches the intimate sphere...

Video: Ronald Bal – Hidden Borders

Artist; Ronald Bal Work; Performance 10 min. Location; Zwolle Country; Netherlands Year; 2012

Einstein on the Beach 2012 Official Trailer

EINSTEIN ON THE BEACH An Opera in Four Acts Robert Wilson Philip Glass Lucinda Childs Presented in association with Pomegranate Arts Sep 14 & 15, 19—22, 2012 at 7pm Sep 16 & 23, 2012 at 3pm In September 2012, BAM presents a revival of the seminal 1976 Philip Glass/Robert Wilson opera Einstein on the Beach. An international breakthrough for two of America’s most celebrated artists—and featuring choreography by Lucinda Childs—the production radically broadened what audiences might expect from opera, theater, or performance art. Einstein was performed previously at BAM in 1984 and 1992; the international tour provides an opportunity for new audiences and an entirely new generation to experience this powerful work. 2012/2013 tour dates:

Video: Lucky Trimmer Tanz Performance Serie #18 (Berlin, Germany)

LUCKY TRIMMER Tanz Performance Serie #18 28. September 2012 | 20.00 Uhr 29. September 2012 | 18.00 + 21:00 Uhr Sophiensaele Berlin, Festsaal

Video: Francisco Camacho’s ANDIAMO!

Direcção Artística e Coreografia FRANCISCO CAMACHO Co-criação e Interpretação ANTONIA BURESI, DAVID MARQUES, ROBERTO MARTINEZ, MARIANA TENGNER BARROS e TIAGO CADETE | Participações especiais CARLOTA LAGIDO E SÍLVIA REAL Cenografia e adereços RAFAEL ALVAREZ | Figurinos CARLOTA LAGIDO | Música Original SÉRGIO PELÁGIO | Desenho de Luz e Direcção Técnica FRANK LAUBENHEIMER Produção EIRA | Direcção de Produção e Difusão RUI SILVEIRA | Produção Executiva SARA MACHADO | Assessoria Administrativa e Secretariado VÂNIA FARIA Co-produção GUIMARÃES 2012 – CAPITAL EUROPEIA DA CULTURA ( Guimarães, PT); FUNDAÇÃO CENTRO CULTURAL DE BELÉM (Lisboa, PT), TEATRO ACADÉMICO GIL VICENTE ( Coimbra, PT) Agradecimentos: DIEGO LASIO, JOÃO MANUEL DE OLIVEIRA e SUSANA BATEL A EIRA é uma estrutura financiada pelo...

TBA:12 – Time-Based Art Festival Sept 6-12, 2012 (Portland, OR, USA)

September marks the tenth anniversary of Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Time-Based Art Festival, and the first curated by Artistic Director Angela Mattox. Happening September 6–16, 2012, TBA is a convergence of contemporary performance and visual art in Portland, Oregon, gathering dozens of emerging talents and legacy artists from around the world who challenge traditional forms and work across mediums. TBA activates the city landscape with projects that bring artists and audiences into close proximity. Itinerant programs fill warehouses, theaters, and city streets with exhibits and performances, while a full schedule of workshops, talks, and late-night socializing offers outlets for interaction at all hours of the day.

Alexander Calder’s “Circus”

Carlos Vilardebo’s 1961 film of Alexander Calder’s “circus,” an intricately assembled performance piece played out by handmade characters including jugglers, sword swallowers, clowns, and animals. These figures, crafted from a collection of “cork, wire, wood, yarn, paper, string, and cloth,” were each assigned a series of movements and manipulated by the artist to perform specific circus acts. With performances held at various locations in Paris and New York through the mid 1930s, Calder’s circus helped to establish him in avante-garde circles. Jean Cocteau, Joan Miró, Fernand Léger, Piet Mondrian, Le Corbusier, Thomas Wolfe, and André Kertész were among those who saw the celebrated Cirque Calder over the years.

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